This is the LATEX home page.

Box around equation

To have a box around and equation just add:

\boxed{ EQUATION }

Resize equation to fit width of a page

To fit the size of an equation we need to use \resizebox{factor\hsize}{!}{$ theequation $}. See the following example:




\Pi = \frac{EI}{2} \left[ \int_0^L \left(\frac{d\theta}{ds}\right)^2 ds + \alpha_m \int_0^L \left( \frac{du_s}{ds} \right)^2 ds + \alpha_s \int_0^L \left( \frac{du_n}{ds} - \theta \right)^2 \right] - W




\multirow and \multicolumn commands

To use \multirow we have to:


\multirow{number of rows}{width}{text}

The text argument's natural width is used when placing * in the width argument.

To use \multicolumn we have to:

\multicolumn{number of columns}{alignment: l, c, r}{text}


Beamer template for a thesis presentation

The following is a template that I use to make presentations. Something special about this template is that some colors can be defined (AzulOsc and AzulCla) using \definecolor command. By searching the web, I found a way to include text on the first page to refer to other names that have to be there. It basically inserts a table inside \institute. I guess it is not a good practice, but it works very good. You can copy all from here to the end and paste it on the editor to run and see how it works.



%Color definition








\setbeamercolor{section in head/foot}{fg=white,bg=white!0!AzulOsc}

\setbeamercolor{subsection in head/foot}{fg=black,bg=AzulCla!100}




\setbeamertemplate{bibliography item}{[\theenumiv]}













\title[Title not seen]

{Title that can be seen\\

and also this}



{The subtitle}


\author[Author (not seen)] 

{Author (can be seen)}


%Adding additional text to the first page.

\institute[the institute]{


Director: & Somebody 1 \\

Co-director: & Somebody 2 \\

& \\

Jury: & Jury 1 \\

& Jury 2 \\

& Jury 3\\

& \\

\multicolumn{2}{c}{University} \\

\multicolumn{2}{c}{A date}




%\date[A date]



\subject{The subject} 


%Including the university logo.






















\section{The section title}


\subsection{Subsection 1}



\begin{frame}{The frame title}

Some text.



\subsection{Subsection 2}



\begin{frame}{Another frame}

Some other text.


%Some image (change fig1 for one of yours)





\caption{The caption}