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Two great websites to find articles and books are:



Ideas for new contents

- Validation of a Finite Element model simulation (standards?)

- FEM software video tutorials.

- Reological flow simulation software (to simulate VARTM process).

- Bike frame building.

- Recycling and manufacturing of composite materials (bikes).

- Design a bike that can be carried inside a bag.

- Web site like https://iberisa.wordpress.com/ or http://www.iberisa.com

- A compactor of aluminuim cans and soda bottles to help recyclers to gain more money by carrying more weight in the same volume.

- Search for examples of recycling plants all over the world. What can be recycled? Batteries can be recycled? How? Expensive metals found in electronic devices?

- How does an inventor works? How they survive (the money issue)?

- Think about real and unsolved needs.

- Nice document to read about recycling: https://www.return-it.ca/ips/_pdf/brochure_nov2012.pdf

- There is a list of sites here that help recycling in BC: http://www.victoria.ca/assets/Departments/Engineering~Public~Works/BC_Recycling%20Handbook.pdf

Interesting books to read

 - Recycling Handbook.

Converting an image to .eps format for publication

If you are requested for images for publication in .eps format a very good site that allows to convert from almost any format to .eps format and also change the size fo the image is: http://www.online-convert.com/